3 Mind Blowing Brow Tips from Joey Healy

I’m not even going to to repeat all the things every magazine has been reporting for over a decade now: Brows are important, keep them natural, full, blah blah… we all know this stuff by now! And, when I was invited to meet celeb brow artist Joey Healy to have my brows plucked, I was 99% sure that there was nothing he could teach me that I didn’t already know. But Joey blew my mind. Like getting a super amazing workout, Joey re-trained my brain to get my brows in the best shape ever. Are they perfect? No, I have to work a little differently to build them out exactly how they should be. But let me share some tips to help you manage your brows in ways you might not have thought of before.


I’ve been making the mistake of alotting too much time for my brows. Every 10-14 days, I’ll set aside 25 minutes to concentrate on brow cleanup (yes, I have a lot of eyebrows). I go outside (natural light is the best light, and Joey agrees with this tactic!) and slowly pluck (double checking every time it’s one that relates to my shape), trim (just a little at a time) and clean up blonde fuzz that distracts from the real shape.
While my technique is sort of on track, he thinks I spend WAY too much time. Aaaaand because I do, I overpluck. (GASP! Me?) According
to his professional opinion, commit 5 minutes (yes, only 5 minutes) every 5-7 days to really super concentrate on your brows. When you
limit yourself time-wise, you won’t cut too much, pluck a few too many, or be tempted to really go at it. Take your time. But only for 5 minutes.

I was taught to push up my eyebrows with a brush and take my scissors along the top trimming just tiny tiny amounts at a time. Nope. You’re preventing your hairs from laying down flat (oooohhhh!!!) and making a bluntness that looks unnatural (aaaahhhhh!!!). Yes, you can lightly push up your eyebrow hairs, but only cut the longest, nastiest, biggest, and when you do, angle your scissors to cut the hair at a
slant so it’s an angled point, not a blunt, square edge. He also recommends using a tiny tiny tiny pair of slanted scissors like Shu Uemura’s and to just cut a few hairs, and then resort to tip 3.



I always thought of brow fix as the last step in an all-out makeup routine, but Joey has a very good reason why it should be as important as your mascara and worn every single day. No. Really. His light, natural, shine-enhancing formula of a brow fix keeps every hair in place as if it’s supposed to be there. Even unruliness is entirely tamed by a smidgen of a swipe of it. It has the ability to flatten hairs that seem bulky, straighten hairs with a bend, and add a fullness (maybe that’s just in my mind? But I swear it.). Plus, it’s not flakey or crispy. I immediately
threw $25 at Joey for his Brow Structure Clear Set because I understood that it’s way better to tame my eyebrows with a product in 5 seconds every day than to labor over their shape and length in a mirror for 25 agonizing, stressful minutes every week and a half!

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I’m so indebted to Joey for his time and talent. Brows-e his amazing products that are ahead of the curve in use of technology and color and find what’s right for you at target=”_blank”>JoeyHealy.com! To book with him, go here. He will retrain you to DIY it, or, you can just leave him to do it so your brows are always perfect. Either way, he’ll be your best brow buddy you’ll ever ever ever have.