6 Beauty Prods to Help You Fake a Perfect Body

There’s no time like summer for body insecurities!  The bright sunlight is a spotlight for one’s own perception of imperfection to prevent them from being happy. So many of you complain about having to be in a bathing suit, wearing shorts, or going without sleeves in the hot months. Thighs, arms, feet, toes….everyone has their hang up’s! But before I delve into a few beauty prods that have helped get me confident enough to shed some clothing on CAMERA, I want to make sure that you know no one has a perfect body.

No photoshopping, promise!

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No model, no actress, no human being on this planet has a “perfect body.” I’ve seen Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johanssen, etc. and I swear to you, they’re not “perfect.” Gorgeous, yes, perfect, no. And thank freaking goodness for that! Everyone has beautiful imperfections. And you know what’s so gorgeous!? Embracing them. LOVING them anyway. After all, there’s just no better feeling than when you’re feeling your OWN perfect; your own personal best; your OWN definition of flawless. And these 6 beauty prods are what help me fake that flawlessness:

1. Nivea Goodbye Cellulite. You know I’m obsessed. GET IT.

2. Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion   I mix this light shimmer with non-shimmer lotion to get that slight shimmer and slather it all over my body. Feet and toes, too! Lotions will help your skin appear full and plump, take away any ashiness or crepe-iness and be the perfect base for your next layer…

3. Smashbox Face & Body Highlighter in Allure  After I slather on the light shimmer, I use a big fluffy brush to pick up this gorgeous shimmer powder, then rub it in circles along the bonier parts. It’s like contouring!  Don’t go overboard here, less is more.

4. Coconut Oil : Though you have to use sparingly,  rubbing the thick creamy oil into your skin is like drinking a bottle of gatorade. The sheen is delish and the feeling is incredible. I especially like it on my elbows, back of arms, feet, and knees, and is one of the only prods to take the place of Vaseline (which I refuse to use, as I learned it is a highly addictive substance).

5. Digestive Enzymes: My body doesn’t break up all foods like it should, so I enlisted the help of a nutritionist who recommended Enzymes to get my body working. What an incredible invention! My body can break foods down, reap more nutrients from them and most of all, get the eff out as soon as my bod’s had its way. I know not every blogger brings up poop as a way to be happy/pretty, but well…it is.

6. Last but not least, don’t forget that Sunscreen! My favorites: La Roche Posay and Mario Badescu!

Sooooo…. Think these’ll help you get into your bikini, wear those shorts or flaunt those arms this summer? It’s a lot easier to feel confident in your own skin when your skin is cared for with the best products! So do it and let me know what you think/how many compliments you receive.


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