6 Subtle Ways to Bring Cowboy Chic into Your Wardrobe Inspired by Chanel!

Did anyone else think Karl Lagerfeld’s Metiers deArt Collection in Dallas was genius?? And basically a more kitchy version of Ralph Lauren’s collections? I loved it. Absolutely freaked out and loved it. Cultural Appropriation aside (going to discuss that in a bit), the collection was beautiful, inventive, whimsical, yet had dark notes that absolutely brought seriousness and severity to what could otherwise come across as costumey. I really adored it. Much the way I did his Paris-Bombay show a few years ago. I could go on and on…. LOVED it. And like all high-fashion shows, there are small elements that are easy to adapt into your everyday wear for subtle, stand-out statement making. Here, 6 subtle and chic ways to channel western wear into your everyday wardrobe:
feather it1. Put a feather in it. A simple pretty feather adds a natural element to your look. I wore one in the pocket of my RTH shirt the other day while pumping gas and a woman came up to me and said “Aren’t you the hipster?!” I was super flattered by the commentary – I wasn’t trying to stand out (that much), it was a subtle addition, but it apparently did the trick. Add a feather to your hat, in the crevices of your scarf, in your pockets with the tip left showing, to your braid, get creative!

Bandana Chanel western wear inspiration chic2. Bandana it. While it’s better if it’s been washed a billion times, any old bandana or weathered handkerchief will do! Just loosely fold it in  a triangle and gather it loosely around your neck. Wear over sweatshirts and work shirts and jackets with skinny jeans and half boots.

chanel dallas boots3. Boot up. While I’m not suggesting super flashy cowboy boots, I’m certainly recommending a hybrid western boot. Click here for some of my favorite Western hybrid boots and shoes (and even Mary Jane’s). I particularly love boots with one and half inch heels – they’re incredibly comfortable and give your tush just a smidge of lift.


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turquoise and silver chanel chic western4. Get stoned.  Though used historically in Ancient Persia and Egypt, the Native Americans were on to something about turquoise. Aztecs believed the stone had healing powers and would bring strength and prosperity (particularly in battle). Apache believed it would help warriors with perfect aim. The rich history that surrounds that stone makes it all the more beautiful, in my eyes, particularly when surrounded by filagreed silver. Stack rings, opt for big cuffs layered with small, thin cuffs, and don’t be afraid to mix in coral, lapis lazuli, hematite, onyx, pyrite and obsidian stones, too.

Find some Fringe 5. Find some fringe. Soft and floaty at Chanel as it trimmed the edges of stunning dust-colored wool boucle’s, fringe made a strong impact. But let it dangle from your leather purse of the arms of your jacket, dangle chains from your earrings, or find a fab fringed ankle boot. Avoid looking like a costume by pairing it with some clean, neat and modern, like a dark denim skinny or skinny flare jean or ankle length trouser. For more fringe ideas, click here.

chanel rope it up6. Rope ‘er in. If you really want to add in that rustic feel, it’s with rope. Softened, vintage rope is an unexpected and understated chic add to an otherwise everyday look. I love a bit of thin rope wrapped around a wrist, or a long, soft washed rope looped in a denim belt loops. Though I typically keep my favorite outpost for these fabulous rope belts (and tons more western wear as mentioned above) a total secret, I will happily point you to LA’s RTH as your source for chic western supply.

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