6 Summer Beauty Essentials: BB Cream, Sea Salt Spray, & More!

Along with your wardrobe and weather change comes another excuse to spend fun money: beauty! More sunlight unequivocally means that my makeup tones get brighter , my SPF jumps even higher, and my makeup needs to be way more durable to last through sweat and water! Here, my six summer beauty essentials!

1. BB Cream! This relatively new product category is sweeping the nation with great reason – it’s BRILLIANT. High SPF, moisturizing and anti-aging properties and a tint to even out your complexion means everything you want for a natural, no fuss look is in one easy product. I have only used Revision Skincare’s Intelishade amazing, uber-moisturizing cream (comes in a gorg sheen or matte), so I can’t speak to all BB Creams, but love how it adapts to my skin tone and didn’t let a ray of sun into my skin even after 5 hours in the sun! My only ish? Because it’s SO moisturizing, it tends to eat your blush, but seriously, so not a big deal. I’m so happy Revision introduced me to their products, I love!!!

summer lipstick, coral, karen walker, clinique

Photo from Clinique

2. Coral lippy! I picked up Clinique’s at Karen Walker’s fashion show in February and have been an addict! A light, dabbed application leaves your lips tinted bright, and a full creamy application is a majorly delicious pop of color. To make it a little more long lasting, a snagged Make Up For Ever’s waterproof Aqua Lip Pencil in 18C.  Extra tip: just make sure you’ve whitened your teeth before applying – coral has a tendency to bring out the yellow!

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3. Gold Eyeliner & Lids!  Speaking of Make Up For Ever, a stop in their Robertson store in Los ANgeles was an inspirational moment for me. I learned that their eyeliners can be smudged into a high pigment waterproof shadow with the help of a small square brush. EPIC news. Without irritating my eyes (as metallic eyeliners tend to do), I’m able to messily scribble on color 10C over my lashes and onto the lid and smudge it out for a super amazing, golden smokey eye. It’s brilliant! Make Up For Ever also just launched shadow sticks in their Aqua line, and I’m equally as smitten with all of their 12 shades.

4. Beach waves (for real):  Beach waves tend to look ratty and messy on me, but I’ve started to let  my hair naturally do what it wants with the help of Frederic Fekkai’s Summer Hair Beach Spray ($25) and I’ve found a yummy, perm-like kink that’s soft, not crunchy. It’s packed with conditioners, so I spray it on en masse while ma hairs is wet, brush through with my Wet Brush, and then twist some pieces as they air dry. The result? What you saw in my latest YouTube vlog!  I haven’t figured out how to sleep with the kinks and have them look good the next day – if anyone has ideas? Neither light or medium hold hairspray nor buns have worked.

lush shimmer lustre dusting powder product review5. Body Shimmer: A little bit of shimmer goes a long way to make you look slimmer! In winter months, I use Burt’s Bees Shimmer lotion, but come summer, I’m all about mixing my Bobbi Brown Beach Lotion ($35) with LUSH’s Lustre Dusting Powder ($14.95). LUSH sent me the product a few months ago, but I only started obsessing over it this month.  The scents together are duh-VINE and my skin looks so healthy! Especially if you’re in a swimsuit, it’s almost like applying that healthy look of nude nylons on your body. YUM! LUSH also has a delish powder called Bare Naked Lady that helps calm and reduce the appearance of redness in your skin if that’s a prob for you.

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6. Body Slimmer: I’ve had cellulite since I was 15. I’ll admit it! It’s obviously hereditary and though docs swear there’s nothing you can do about, they obviously haven’t heard of Nivea’s Goodbye Cellulite serum and gel. Oh. My. Gams. I swear to you on the gravestone of everyone I’ve ever loved that this works. Unlike other cellulite products, Nivea’s isn’t expensive and it changes the texture of your skin. It smoothed out my bumpy backs of legs (and backs of arms), and tightened up my skin anywhere else on my body that needed it. The only catch? It only works if you use it and apply both the gel and the serum every single day. EVERY DAY. BOTH PRODS.  You will be disappointed if you don’t use it everyday because the results don’t last. So, go buy, use, buy again, use, and be happy with your thighs for the first time since…puberty!

Any beauty prods you are obsessing over? Tell me! I wanna try too.