Ask Kimmy: “I have a wedding coming up and I have no idea what to wear!”

There’s nothing I love more than answering the questioin that begins with “What do I wear to…”. I mean, I love air and breathing a little more, and maybe water, but you know what I mean… So to kick off our first “Ask Kimmy” post, I’m answering a question from Elissa.

Name: Elissa S.
Age: 14
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 108
Question: I have a wedding coming up that I am going to and I have no idea what to wear! I know I’m going to wear a dress and cute heels but the styles are different for winter weddings verses spring weddings. I was wondering if you had any tips! It’s a wedding in March.

It’s so funny how it seems that what you need isn’t always in the stores, when you need it!  Ever tried to shop for a kaftan in August? Impossible! Gloves in February? Impossible! Luckily, the world wide web makes it a tad bit easier, and sites like Moda Operandi work with designers to make their runway creations instantly available 6 months before they hit store racks.

But there’s a price tag on that, so here are some suggestions for some spring-like dresses that are available now that I think will look smashing on your 14-year-old self.  But real quick, I’m just going to throw out rules about dressing for weddings:

1. ALWAYS follow the dress code. (I’m assuming semi-formal for this, since a majority are).
2. NEVER wear white, or any color a few shades away from it (ivory, dove,, ecru, etc.).
3. Don’t wear anything too trendy. These pics, unlike the ones in your phone, will last forever in the couples wedding book, so do them a huge favor and wear something classic and fabulous.
4. If you wear a print, it can’t be too loud or cheap looking.

Unlike most rules, these really should not ever be broken. OK, so now, the fun part:

Tea length (just above the knee) are so sweet for Spring,  but they’re updated with graduated or asymmetric hemlines. I also love the pastels and candy colors of spring, so let’s have fun and play with color!


To the left, Jason Wu’s runway.











Waaaaay cheaper and available now, Modcloth’s On Coral Grounds Dress ($77.99). I also LOVE coral in spring! Take after Wu’s beauty team and opt for a bright lipstick and shimmery cheeks. This dress also would look fantastic belted (a black ribbon will do!).









Wouldn’t it be pretty to tie it in with a beautiful yellow shoe? These are from Topshop, which means they are very comfortable (and will look equally fab with cut off jeans and collared shirt). ($110)









Maybe you’re feeling like a more classic hemline? I thought this Alice + Olivia dress was adorbs at Stacey Bendet’s presentation!









Modcloth saved the day again with a super affordable alternative ($47.99). This pretty pleated dress makes accessory shopping a breeze! You can opt for a cool mint green cardi, flip a rose in your hair and pile on the pink lip gloss!









And of course, you have to get a super fun shoe! Alice + Olivia have glittery goodness that will just make the look young and fun and festive ($295)!










Need more options? Let me know, I’ll hunt some more down.