I Tried Food Styling, Thanks to TheChampagneMoon.com!

Oh no! Am I turning into a food stylist? This is two food-related posts in a row! But I can’t help it – I love food and I love cooking! But I think what it comes down to? I love creating. It’s not too unlike styling where you gather a bunch of ingredients and make the best possible thing you can with them that resembles art. And unlike styling, it is something that an incredibly broad audience can enjoy. So when my friend Ashleigh Haney (you may remember her from our romp in Corbin Canyon) invited me to sous chef her very first summer soiree for her newly launched blog, The Champagne Moon, I was elated. Not only did I get to help a friend and cook, I also got to food style – a whole new world for me! It was amazing working with Describe the Fauna again, they are the most wonderful of photography duos. Not only do they make Ashleigh’s Better Booch Kombucha Sangria  look amazing, they made food styling it beyond fun. Scroll down for the phenomenal recipe. Thank you, Ashleigh, for having me! Can’t wait for more of your recipes!


Here’s the EASIEST ever recipe for Kombucha Sangria. This tasty and refreshing peachy goodness is perfect for a summer evening outside.

Better Booch Kombucha Sangria:

1 bottle Better Booch Morning Glory
1 bottle Pinot Grigio (We used a $7 bottle from Trader Joe’s)
2 ripe peaches, sliced
1 cup blackberries and raspberries

Place the berries on the bottom of a glass pitcher. Add ice, pinot grigio, and Better Booch. Top with sliced peaches and stir with a wooden spoon. Serve and enjoy!


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