Amazing (P)Leather Jackets For Fall & Forever

In this week’s What to Wear, I excitedly help a viewer pick some major wardrobe essentials beyond the basics; that is, the items that build a wardrobe and give personality and structure to it. I believe a fabulous pair of Ferragamo’s, an LBD that’s right for your body type, a cool vintage army jacket, and silk blouses are easy purchases that will ensure that you are always ready for anything! But the one essential that’s the hardest to find? A GREAT leather jacket. Here are 6 favorite (p)leather styles in splurge and save form (14 total!) that you’ll love now and forever:

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The Asymmetric Jacket

 Splurge: Rick Owens ($2,074)

The Look for Less: Express, shown ($118)

The Look For Even Less: Modcloth ($89)

The Fitted Moto
*note: for this style, don’t go too cropped or short. While it’s trendy and there’s a look for it, it’s not an everything piece. Plus, it won’t keep you warm.

Splurge: Whistles shown ($518) or Haute Hippie ($895)

The Look For Less:  Bebe, shown ($250) and Topshop ($110)

Shopping tip: Fit your shoulder first! Real leather will give out so it should be comfortably snug. Faux leather should be perfect from the start.

The Hippie Dippie Fringalish

Splurge: Maje ($835)

The Look for Less: Mubaa ($307)

The Quilted

Splurge: Alexander McQueen ($4000)

The Look For Less: Topshop ($350)

Shopping tip: You should be able to fit a warm cardigan or sweater under your jacket, but it shouldn’t look too big with just a cami or thin dress, either! Try with both.

The Prim & Proper

Splurge: The Row ($2,590)

The Look For Less: Closed ($750)

The Look for Even Less: Zara ($249)


Splurge:  Faith Connexion ($1,310)

The Look For Less: Topshop ($110)

Which one is most you!?!? Or do you want them all, too?!?! Tell me in the comments below!