Ask Kimmy: Do you have advice for aspiring stylists and editors?

Name: Brooke
Age: 19
I just came across your Youtube account and fell in love! I read your portfolio and saw that you made your way to interning at magazines and styling at 16! Do you have any advice? How did you do it? I am currently studying Journalism in college but my dream is to be in Visual Communications to become a Stylist. I have my own blog and devote my free time to all the fashion sites. I want to help in away possible via Fashion and I feel like it’s impossible to work my way up… Help! I don’t know how to get there or how to even apply! Xo, Brooke

Children’s Business Magazine spread one year out of college!

Aww, Brooke! That’s so sweet! Thank you for watching and for your question.

As soon as I started reading fashion magazines as a 10 year old, I knew I had to see my own name in a byline! My poor parents had to listen to me obsess over it for the next few years and, out of their desire to support my dreams, forced me to apply to my favorite magazine for an internship.  So, I sent in a resume (that basically was a report card, listed my babysitting gigs and the times I nepotistically  helped out my mom’s biz) to W Magazine‘s West Coast office (I looked up names in the masthead and called the advertising phone number to score an address). I hand delivered my package with a cute drawing I made of a Versace dress on the front.  They were impressed with my gumption but told me I could work for Children’s Business Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily‘s mag for the children’s clothing industry.  I got to help out a busy West Coast ed, who, unlike the busy New York-based editors, had to balance styling and editorial. I was immediately hooked. The chance to be creative with words and clothes was a dream I didn’t know I could have. And so, I’ve just followed the path that let me do both wherever possible!

But I think that first application to W is the very secret to anyone’s success.  Go after exactly what you want with every ounce of passion you have! Even if you are let down or don’t get that exact thing, you are bound to run into something that will make you happy.

Studying journalism is great. Study anything and everything that lights your fire (and maybe take a business course for good measure).  I’m so glad that you are blogging (what is your blog ? I wanna see!). The first step I can think of to bridge your journalism background with your desire to style is to blog for stylist! You know, as a blogger, how time consuming it can be — maybe you could reach out to your favorite stylists and ask them if you can help them with their bogs! We are always so busy! If you do a great job at writing or helping out (which you don’t need to do in person!), of course, you’ll find more doors opening up for you!

It’s not impossible. If you have the ability to work hard and do your tasks well, you’ll be fantastic and succeed. So stick with it! Chase the dream! And if you want to write a guest post on, you are so welcome to.