Ask Kimmy: Can I wear Doc Martens (again) as a 31 year old?

Name: Jennifer
Age: 31
Height: 5’5
Dear Kimmy,
The ’90s are apparently back.  Does this mean we should dig up our old Dr. Marten’s?  Is there any way to resurrect my all-white wingtips while avoiding being mistaken for a 16-yr-old in the throes of an existential crisis???


As a fellow early-thirtier, I have to say there are some 90s trends that I am so excited are back and am so thrilled to rock again that both satisfy my need to feel young and happy and also make me feel my age, sophisticated, and, well, still happy. For one, slip dresses.  I also dig a good flannel (tied around your waist or otherwise). And, jellies are making a comeback and I’m for it! (P.S. take my facebook poll and tell me if you are, too!). But Docs?

I dug out my Docs for a YouTube video that was targeting millennials and I felt like a complete asshole. A total and complete wannabe, too-old asshole.  I think they are a little harder to pull off if you haven’t really stayed in the punk rock/metal/alterna scene as an adult a la Agyness Deyn or Gwen Steafani. So in a word, I don’t know if you can or should. You can try wearing them with a skinny jean? And a sweatshirt? If you’re running to the market? But then, I’d rather you dig out your old Converse for that!

On the flip side? I think it’d be so cute to see a 60-year-old hip chick rock them with her torn jeans and a cool tee-shirt. So maybe we just have to wait another 30 years to wear them again…

You might also be able to wear them in a limited amount of more classy ways, such as with a slip dress, or a crew-cut tee and a sheer maxi. Pairing both of those looks with either a denim jacket or cashmere cardi would assure that you wouldn’t be caught having a “girl stole my look!” moment with an 18-year-old.

So friends, what do you think of Jennifer’s question? Can you rock docs at 30 and beyond? Let me know in the comments below! Have any style Q’s of your own? Don’t ever hesitate to Ask Kimmy!

P.S. – Be sure to take my facebook poll on the return of another 90’s footwear favorite – Jandals!

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