Ask Kimmy: Should I Buy Combat Boots or Doc Martens?

Name: Danessa
Age: 12
Budget: No

Hi Kimmy! I’m deciding what I want for Christmas. I’m considering Steve Madden combat boots or black Doc Martens. I think they are both adorable! But I am also a girly girl, and I think that Doc Martens would make me look too grunge… which do you prefer?

Oooo!!! So glad you asked, especially since I’m hosting a giveaway of 5 $50 gift cards to DSW right now! Perhaps snagging those combat boots might be a little easier! If you want to enter, CLICK HERE.

doc martens-ribbon-lacesBut as to your question: I’m more of a Docs girl myself (1460,s of course). I got my first pair (blue velvet!) when I was your age and started an awesome collection from there. I love how they look shiny and new and I also love how they look worn out, cracked and scratched after years of wear. They are versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, and leggings, like combat boots, but there is something about the signature  wide rubber sole that is not only comfortable but also super classic. It’s also super easy to make your Docs ready grunge – skirts and tights and socks and faux fur jackets will totally spice them up. Or maybe you should get a patent or velvet pair? You can also switch out the laces and add your favorite color ribbon like in the photo shown left!

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Overall, I’m personally just not that into combat boots. A good golden-touched paddock-inspired lace up like Rag & Bone’s? Sure. A heavily buckled and adorned rocker boot a la Saint Laurent? Oui! But I think a typical combat boot and its height which is essentially right below the calf, tends to shorten the wearer so I tend to dismiss them. You also seem to imply that a combat boot is more girly and less grungy, right? But may I argue that just one look at the Saint Laurent fashion show, with it’s bevy of moto and combat boots, and you can see how they, too, can read grungy!? So don’t worry about “girliness” for either — it’s how you style it!

combat boots too grungyRegardless of femininity, since it seems you are leaning towards the combat boot, consider these attributes in your final choice of which one: the boot should have a wide, square-ish chunkier or thick heel (not flat or thin); a wide welt (the area around the shoe that connects the sole); matching stitching (it shouldn’t look too thick or thin); and be made of real leather (or they won’t age well). I think a shorter height would be better for you, as well – a few inches above your ankle bone.

I popped over to and found a few pair that live up to those guidelines! I loved Rambow (has a vintage granny feel but tougher!) and Observnt (they feel just enough punk to be girly!) and Troopa (totally basic, easy to play with the height of the laces).

15245001But did you know that Docs are made in a combat boot, too?!! I think THOSE are the best of both worlds. 🙂



So what do you think, dear readers? Docs or combat boots, and why!?! Let’s hear it!




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