Ask Kimmy: What Denim Brands Should I Be Shopping For (On the Cheap)?

From: Erika
Age: 34
Budget: Yes

Dear Kimmy,

As a single mom, I’m on a tight budget. But I don’t think that means I have to give up wearing the latest fashions! What designer jeans are trending these days? I just scored a pair of Sevens for $30 at used clothing store. There are several other brands like Citizen and Paige there. Looking to score a few more pairs. Any suggestions for brands to look for?

jeans and a tee ala kimmy erin

You’re absolutely right! Even though great jeans are expensive, and worth their pretty penny in wear, it’s absolutely possible to get good jeans at great prices!

There are certainly a few brands to watch for that seem to end up at the major discounter’s stores (Lohemann’s, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, etc.) quite often. Paige Premium Denim is definitely one of them! Her super stretchy jeans (love the Verdugo crop in particular) are not only comfortable, but they are extremely accommodating of all body types and body “flaws.” I bring them to every shoot because they consistently fit well.

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Another brand I like? Levi’s!  It’s harder to find their premium denim lines, but when you can find them, trust, they’re amazing. Citizen’s is also fantastic, as is SOLD design lab. I’ve also been seeing Current Elliott pop up in those stores and I’d snag those for sure. Just make sure the cut isn’t too boxy and that you go down a size with them – they run big AND they stretch out.

For all these brands, avoid unflattering whiskering, baggy fabrics, dated details, ugly stitching and pockets, and make sure the color of the denim is truly a color that will work with much of your existing wardrobe. You should definitely have one pair of black, grey, light blue and dark blue jeans in the very least.

Also, if you can score them at a 30% promo, both Free People and Gap (sexy boyfriends and skinnies are best) make amazing fitting jeans and run between $69-89 full price. It’s also amazing what you can find at designer resale shops like Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, and my personal favorite, Wasteland. I’m also a huge fan of trying on at full-price in a store with a strong jean selection, finding your cut and size, and scouring ebay, bluefly and other discount sites like! 

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