Ask Kimmy: Should I Show Off My New Baby Bump or Is It Too Early?

Name: Mindy L.
Age: 31

I don’t know if you handle this type of question but here it goes… I am 3 months pregnant with my 2nd child (really hoping it’s a girl but we won’t find out for a few more weeks).  I am showing quite early! I’m not huge but I definitely have a big bump.  Anyhow, I have my husband’s holiday work party in a few weeks & it’s a fairly formal event.  So here is my question…do I wear something tight and let the baby bump be seen in all of its glory or do I go flow-ey and try to hide it???

Congratulations, Mindy! How positively thrilling! I am so excited for you and this bump of yours! Unless there would be any reason you think your husband’s work peoples shouldn’t know about the bump, or, you feel uncomfortable telling people ( I know docs prefer you stay mum about being a mum until you’re past the first trimester!), then I say reveal and show it off! From an outsiders perspective, I don’t think showing early is a reason to be uncomfortable — pregnancy is exciting and fun! And, I can’t think of a better excuse for hoarding the holiday buffet without rumors spreading around! Wink, wink.

That said, I know some women do want to conceal their bumps. Maggie Gyllenhaal only just revealed that she is preggers today, and has been concealing her baby bump in pretty, flowy dresses.

Since high waisted maxi dresses are so comfortable, I’d certainly recommend them! I love this Deep-V snakeskin gown for $69.08 at It’s easy to wear with a bra and some black bangles and studs will be all you need to complete the look. Wear your hair up to show off your gorgeous neck!  I think key to picking out the right maxi is making sure that you are showing off an upper body spot to highlight either in the neckline, or as Maggie did, with her arms. Don’t forget to add a smidge of body shimmer on those revealed parts! And? Hem to the floor with your heel on!






Is it too early to wear maternity? Because I might consider getting knocked up for this dress from Topshop ($120).  i think this could look super cute cinched in with a 1-inch wide black grosgrain ribbon around the waistline. Michael Kors’ super comfy patent sandals ($165) will give you some height to pull off that hem length. And maybe Twist your hair back in a loose up-do!







If you want to hide your bump, grab a pair of Spanx’s All The Way Sheers ($26) and opt for a strapless dress with a peplum. This one from French Connection is affordable and adorable ($348). In fact, so many of French Connection’s holiday dresses are high-waisted, I think you’ll love their selections!  A short dress like that begs for some shoe attention. Pick something with a Fendi-inspired bow like Vera Wang Lavender’s Zohar Slingback ($235).


And since you mentioned tight, well, I’m all for it when you’re reallllly showing. But I’m afraid that sometimes a just-preggers pooch just looks not-so-great. I say flaunt that with tightness when you’re around 6 months and it sticks out more than your boobs. You know? It’s different for everyone, but I think it’s a safe rule of thumb (especially at your husband’s work party. New Year’s Eve is another story!).

Whatever you decide, have an absolute blast at the party, and let me know if you need any other preggers-style advice. Although, you have been through this before, so please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below. Smooches!