Super Chic Mother’s Day Gifts, All Under $100! (And a GIVEAWAY!)

If your mom is anything like my mom, she’s so hard to shop for! She loves the chicest, best things, and of course, she deserves them, too! After talking to loads of mom’s, I complied a few useful and chic pressies she will absolutely adore! You can also watch the video on even more of my Mother’s Day picks on YouTube! Plus, read to the end, as there’s also a giveaway involved!

zara-scarf-mothers-day-present-faliero-sarti-bindya1. A colorful, versatile scarf! Amazing how a new scarf easily updates your wardrobe. Bindya makes elegant, soft scarves in pretty watercolor-like prints. If you have more cash to splurge, try a scarf from Faliero Saarti that range from $300-500 (this map of Europe scarf KILLS me. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL). If you are on a tighter budget, Zara makes beautiful scarves for $30.

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hf_c_tubereuse_floral2. Candles! Who doesn’t love lighting a magnificently scented candle? I, personally, am a fan of Diptyque’s delish and beautiful candles, priced at $60. Need a cheaper version? Try a few bucks with this amazing candle DIY from Indie Lee!


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kate spade pouches wristlets mother's day gifts3. Purse Pouches! I know these are technically called wristlets, but I love them as purse organizers. Plus, you can always switch them out and use them as a wristlet. I adore my Jade Tribe wristlet for $57 that look as good shabby and dirty as they do new and sparkly, but Kate Spade’s $68 patent wristlets wipe clean for an always-polished appearance.

Now, for the GIVEAWAY! Leave a COMMENT below on which present you’d love to get or what you’d love to get your mom, and I’ll send one of you my personal favorite Tuberuse Diptypqe candle ! Make sure you leave the right email, as that’s how I’ll get in touch with you. Contest ends on May 10th, 2013!


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