Why Expensive Makeup is Worth It. Trust.

Foundations…the good ones, that actually work well on your skin, don’t cause inflammation and look fantastic to the eye and on camera…are expensive. Sure, there are coverups that will do just that: cover up. But I’m talking about the ones that make your flawed skin look flawless, but not unnaturally so. The ones that don’t sink into fine lines. The ones that make you glow. The ones that make you look like…a million dollars. THe cheap ones don’t do that. Expensive foundations are WORTH IT.

I used to think that $40 foundation was expensive, until I dropped cash on a $60+ foundation. And, W.O.W., has that money made all the difference. But, it has also SAVED me money.

Why? TWO reasons:

1. The makeup isn’t causing the problem anymore. High quality makeup without parabens, habit-forming mineral oil, fragrances and artificial colors won’t cause problems. Unless you have a specific allergy (that’s usually to plant oils or ), I promise, you’ll find your skin improved after wearing the makeup, not worsened.

2. Because the makeup isn’t the problem anymore, we’re not spending more money to fix its problems. Seriously! You don’t have to spend our hard-earned cash on the fortunes that are facials, peels, treatments, etc etc. After splurging $65 makeup, and a few other pricey prods, I look like I have the best facialist in Hollywood! And no, I don’t have a facialist.

I’ve asked a few of my gfs and they all agree, the more expensive their foundation, the happier they are with it. Maybe they just feel a need to justify the exorbitant amount of money they spent on a piece of vanity, but I also tend to believe that makeup technology today is expensive, and the better products just cost more but do better thinkgs!

What brands are the best? Well, that depends on you, of corse, but here are a few to try out next time you hit the beauty counters:

  •  Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation
  • Georgio Armani Fluid Sheer or Luminous Silk
  • La Mer The Treatment Creme
  • Clé de Peau Beauté
  • Chantecaille Future Skin

I’m not saying these are the ONLY way to go! In fact, I’d love to hear what foundations you’ve tried and loved! Will you tell me below? In the comments? K, cool. Love that about you.