4 Favorite New Jeans for Spring and Summer!

No, it’s not crazy how many pairs of jeans you own! And yes, you can always have more. The technology of denim is changing about as quickly as cell phones, and you wouldn’t be stuck with a phone from 2007, would you? Thought so. Here are 4 current and slightly-ahead-of-trend jeans to adopt into your wardrobe STAT.

 Skinny Slouch.  The drop crotched, worn-in and tight pegged leg jean is reminiscent of menswear and Justin Bieber. DSquared2‘s Kenny twist cut ($495)started it, but !Item is finishing it with a skinny slouch at $128! Wear them cuffed with a silk lace cami and blazer and heels, or with a snakeskin flat and Zoe Karssen tee.







ABC, aka Ankle-Baring Capri. Call me crazy, but aren’t ankles so sexy? Mother Denim are making the comfiest, softest jeans I’ve ever, ever tried, and “The Looker Crop” cut ($196) is so perfectly fitted to the ankle. I love showing off a capri length denim with a delicate strappy ankle-detail flat sandal and tank top. So summery, so sweet, and easy to cover with a cardigan if you need. Plus, they come in loads of gorgeous colors!







Sex Wax. Waxed jeans can be so hot. Of course, if there’s too much coating over the denim, it might not be so flattering, and sometimes, waxed jeans can show off a little more than we want (e.g. cellulite), so def be very picky about your fit! But when they’re right? They are oh so right! I’ve tried on my fair share of waxed denim, but the fit of Habitual‘s are flawless($242).







Racers. Zips, stitching and skinny, racer pants are all about the knee and pocket details and edgy hardware. If hardware isn’t your thing, !item’s pretty and plain capri’s are perfect! If you want full on bling? How cute are Forever 21‘s blue racers shown left? P.S. Don’t style them with those boots, please!  Put them with a Chanel-like flat and leather jacket!