Flat Tummy Tips From Amanda Russell!

Amanda Russell just gets it. She gets that you want to look good, feel amazing and eat well so her workouts and more specifically, her 14 Day Plan, are a tremendously helpful and natural way to get into shape or lose a few extra lbs.  Honestly, I can’t even complete a full workout of hers, but even trying kicks my tushie! She’s that good!   So I was just thrilled to go out on the town and see how an exercise freak parties! And what I got out of it? How to party and still get a flat tummy!

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I sat down with Amanda for dinner, admittedly, bloated. It was a hot and humid day and I was just off an airplane, which always makes me retain water for a few days. I felt icky and fat despite the fact that I had only eaten a bagel and a cup of coffee ALL DAY. But how could I eat when my belly was just bursting? Amanda chimed in that starting her 14 Day Plan would help. And I said, “OK, but we’re here at SoHo House, what can I do now?” And she said “Start my 14 Day Plan.” I laughed and said “OK” and took a sip of wine which leads us to tip 1: Enjoy your wine! There are many nutritional benefits to a glass of wine! Just add seltzer or club soda to it to dilute how much it effects your system. When you down it with extra water, you’re not letting your system dehydrate. Brilliant!

When looking at the menu,  Amanda immediately pointed out three power foods that burn off belly fat which leads us to tip 2: eat lots of quinoa and avocado. Quinoa is a negative calorie food – it is so high in fiber your body burns more calories digesting it than the actual quantity of calories it is!  Avocado is a healthy fat which helps you burn off carbohydrates faster. Add mango for helpful digestive enzymes!

|My favorite recipe for quinoa and avocado is on Pinterest. It’s amazing. Make it. |

And finally, Amanda showed me some amazing exercises to rock out to get those belly muscles flat and hard which she, lucky for us, just turned into a brutally amazing video!

Way more effective than my three tips? Her actual 14 Day Plan. Follow it and feel the difference.

P.S. I am not getting paid to endorse Amanda, I truly just love her work (and her).