5 Tips to Avoid Blisters With Flats!

We buy flats so we don’t have to endure painful heels but still look put together and cute! So doesn’t it just totally suck when your “comfort” shoes cause painful blisters? One of my YouTube subscribers/glamourbabies was inspired by What to Wear: Comfy & Cute Flats to ask me just how cute flats can not be uncomfy. Here are some tips to avoid blisters and find a pair that are right for your feet.

  • Pad up! Your local shoe repair person can add in permanent moleskin in the shoe where you think your flats rub!
  • Break ’em in! Stuffing your flats with socks will help them soften up. If they are a stiff fabric, this isn’t a great idea, you really just have to break them in. Or, put on a cushy pair of socks and shove your feet in your new pair of flats while wearing them around the house. DO NOT go in public like this. EVER.
  • Watch your edges. Some fabrics, even pretty grosgrain (e.g. ribbed) ribbon or patent leather or PVC piping and many other synthetic fabrics, is just bad news when combined with your skin. Stay away from fabrics that might cause too much friction. Natural fabrics are always better.
  • Lube up. Band-Aid has just released an incredible new product, that is very similar to Runner’s Glide. You rub it on where your shoes rub you and it creates an invisible barrier of protection. Super brilliant. Super effective.
  • Know your feet! Do you have a flat foot? Bunions? Short toes? Long toes? High arches? No arches? Once you know what your foot issues are, you can easily spot flats that might give you problems. Look for how low around the toe area your flats hit — if you have a wide foot, you will find these shoes hard to wear. Smoking loafers, moccasins and soft leather ballerinas with elastic edges like Lanvin or Chloe) are perfect for you! If you have a narrow foot, you’ll want to find shoes that don’t hit too high on the heel or side of the foot.

Do you have any tips to share? Tell me below!