Closet Clean Out Tips For Seasonal Transitions

There’s nothing like a change in season to spark a closet clean out! I wanted to perhaps share this tip that I share with my clients about clever ways to organize your closet. If you’re super into fashion, this might not work for you. Fashion people (like me) need as much of their palette out and ready to mix for daily (or multiple times daily) ensembles. Even in winter, we might pop on a summer floral! But my belief on how to organize your wardrobe is the same as getting over an ex: out of sight, out of mind.

jeans and tee in your closet

If you don’t literally see your options, you will feel overwhelmed. And when you are confronted with options you hate, are sick of, or don’t make you feel awesome, you feel even more overwhelmed! The converse to that is that we keep so many things hidden in drawers and we forget about them! Fabulous tees, sweaters, shorts – you name it, we forget things are options when we don’t see them in front of us.


So, here’s what I recommend if you can take four hours to rock your closet:

First: Divide your closet into seasons. Use different parts of your bedroom to organize and pile. (30 minutes)
Second: Put all clothes you do not wear often but need to keep (evening wear, maternity leftovers, sentimental items) towards the back of your closet. Or, if you have another closet that you can pop them in? Or even storage bins?) (40 minutes)
Third: Store anything that is very much not in season. Summer: heavy cashmere, thick wools, coats, snow boots, etc. Winter: summer sundresses, beachy stuff, espadrilles, etc. ) (45 minutes)
Fourth: Hang the tee shirts and other items you love and wear a lot. This not only helps them not be so wrinkled, but you’ll notice that it makes your closet feel more like a store that you want to shop. (15 minutes)
Fifth: Switch out bulky hangers (except coats!)with slim hangers. (20 minutes)
Sixth: Start adding clothes back into your closet by color. But as you do, ask yourself if the piece is as awesome as you are. If the answer is no, donate or sell it. (1 hour)
Seventh: Fold down jeans and pile by color. Unless you’re Stacey Todd (closet pictured above). Then, hang them, definitely.  (10 minutes)
Eighth: Line up shoes (staggered if you need space!) on the floor or in shelves. Again, if it’s not in season, do not have them out, or place them where they are harder to see. (10 minutes)
Ninth: Create outfits for the week! Hit up my Pinterest board for inspiration!

Have any thoughts or questions? I urge you to give it a try! Let me know what you think!!!



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