What I’m Wearing: The Full Ankle Length Skirt & Bomber Jacket

You know that saying, “New Year, New You” that marketers and all those in the aesthetically-driven world say every single year as a ploy to get you to buy more of whatever it is they’re selling? I hate it. I hate it so much. It insinuates that who you are is somehow not OK, good enough, or right. Sure, the new year is a time to make resolutions to be better or improve in the coming year, and I’m all for that. But really, people? Must we insinuate that new is better? I say, “New Year, Be You.” Find out who your authentic self is (if you don’t already know) and be him or her as hard as you possibly can; As best you can; As uniquely as you can.

holiday street style in nyc of stylist kimmy erin

jewelled neckline for the holidaysWhen Dior unveiled his New Look six decades ago, shockwaves rippled the fashion world and they haven’t stopped. It’s the perfect example of New being “old” and that not being a bad thing. In fact, it’s being made new again thanks to Tibi’s Amy Smilovic who has offered her incredible, modern version of the full pleated ankle length skirt ($395). To top off the look, I added Hoss Intropia’s (avail at select Bloomingdale’s) rhinestone sleeveless shell and Patterson J Kincaid’s Oriental floral bomber ($278).

|Want more ways to style a bomber? Click here!|

embellished neckline and full skirt for the ultimate holidat street styleShoes B Brian Atwood, clutch Hoss Intropia, earrings Catbird.

tibi full ankle-length skirt and bomber jacketsequin studded handbag clutch nye style nycPop on your highest heels (or your sweetest kitten heels) and give the old look a new twist.

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