How to Wear Winter Clothes in Summer, No SERIOUSLY.

When I first saw Amanda G’s question in a comment on YouTube, I scoffed and “REALLY?’d” out loud.  She wanted to know how to wear WINTER clothes in SUMMER. At first, I thought impossible, but as soon as I opened the doors to my So Cal-climate based closet, I realized that maybe it’s not so difficult, after all!

Though I can’t tell you how to rock your heavy jacket, cashmere scarves or big fluffy boots, there are a few items in everyone’s wardrobes that can work for you year round. And, to be perfectly honest, many of these are wardrobe staples, so if you don’t have them, then make sure you buy in a neutral color so you can have year-round items and get more wear for your money.

BOOTS: There’s no reason to not rock a riding boot, ankle boot, motorcylce boot (or whatever is your winter boot), etc. with shorts. Cut off’s or a tailored short – the trick is to make sure your top is airy and flowy (and that you are wearing super thin socks). A super girly necklace also  adds to balance out the grittiness of the bootiness. My current obsession are Cobra Society boots, found at Net a porter.

THE FLANNEL: I grew up in the 90s so to me, flannels are year round yumminess. I love pairing plaid with polka dots or bright stripes for a summery look, or over a long tank-like maxi dress. Finish it off with a long necklace and flatforms or sandals.
|Watch my latest video for a complete tutorial on how to wear your winter clothes in summer.| 

MEDIUM & LIGHT GAUGE SWEATERS & CARDIGANS:  It’s super important to own good year-round basics like medium gauge cotton tanks, tissue thin wools and cashmere and cotton sweaters, and the same for cardigans. As long as the color translates, why not wear a crew or V necked thin to medium gauge sweater with a pair of easy breezy shorts? This is a great reason to purchase classic, never go wrong colors like black, ivory, white, khaki, grey and pastels. You’ll want to avoid doing this with jewel toned clothes. Wear a light tank underneath, and if it does get hot, throw that bad boy over your shoulders.

Watch my latest video for a complete tutorial on how to wear your winter clothes in summer. 

Here’s a full rundown of what I’m wearing in this week’s episode of What to Wear:

Outfit 1: sweater: ALC shorts: Joie Boots: Golden Goose camisole: Love & Liberty bracelets: Devora Libin

Outfit 2: blouse: Equipment necklace: Fallon Shorts: Paige Premium Denim Boots: Golden Goose Bag: Marc Jacobs (now on sale at Nordstrom’s!)

Outfit 3: Flannel shirt: Jean Paul Gaultier men’s shorts: Rag & Bone tee: Enza Costa cuff: Ted Rossi boots: Urban Outfitters
Any tips you can share below? Let’s hear ’em!


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