Jennifer Lopez is Glowing (But Still Won’t Reveal Her Glowy Beauty Tricks!)

UGH! That’s all I could think, say or even feel after last night’s intimate Q&A with Jennifer Lopez feteing her 10 year career as a billionaire perfumer and her latest fragrance, Glowing. Why? Because I wanted to know her je ne ce pas. I needed to know how she looks so young, exactly what she does to her skin, and if I need to be a billionare to have that too! I’ve heard rumors that she uses the $300 per ounce La Mer daily and on her entire body. This can’t be true! I wanted answers! But all she would admit to?

|My beauty secret? Yummy foundations like these.|

Sleep. And sunscreen. See why I ughed? Here’s what she said:

“Journalists always ask me about my skin. You know for me it’s about a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat well (but) I’m not a fanatic or gluten-free or anything like that, but I try to watch my portions. I exercise. I’m dancing a lot right now because I’m getting ready for the tour so that’s very helpful. I stay out of the sun. I wear sunscreen everyday. I try to get my sleep. Beauty sleep is true; I can’t function without it with all the things that I do with the kids. Being a working mom when they go to bed I’m in bed right after them. I try to be in bed by 10PM.”

If the key to moguldom is sleeping, consider this nap time!

P.S. How sick are those sparking rings from Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts collection?  Also, her top (and matching silk shorts!) was by 3.1 Philip Lim.

P.P.S. Check out for more on the J.Lo event thrown by Coty later today!