Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Forward Picks are Kinda (But, No, REALLY) Backwards

WARNING: This is a rant. 

Once upon a time, I had no beef with Kim Kardashian. I thought she had great taste and respected her climb in the fashion world. She worked! Hard! She had help, sure (don’t we all?), but I’ve met her several times over the years and she’s nothing short of pleasant, sweet, quick-witted and thoughtful.

kim kardashian and her fashion forward picks are kinda backwards

I love how she dressed her curvy body and introduced contouring to the general public. I was happy to see a “celebrity” who didn’t conform to the usual standards of public infatuation (slim, blonde, actress, etc.). Sure, she’s had a penchant for trashy clothes, but as a whole, I never had anything major to complain about. The whole Humphries-debacle gave me some doubts into her personal character and I kinda felt betrayed but I won’t get into that. But NOW? I have big beef with Kim Kardashian. The kicker?  Kanye West.  He’s making her look like shit. The more fashion forward she dresses, which seems to be at HIS whim, the more upset I get with her and how backwards she looks.

kim kardashian in bad pants and ill-fitting clothesObviously, as women, we tend to want to please our partners. We want to look sexy for them and turn them on. We ask them “How do I look?” because we want the satisfaction of their smiles and a positive response. That’s fine!  But a woman should also have the self-esteem and self-respect to be able to dress for who they are and not who their man wants them to be. A woman should know how sexy she is without kim kardashian in ill-fitting jackethaving to ask. Right? But what’s unhealthily worrisome is when a woman completely changes for her partner. And we’re not talking slight improvements or just a little more effort. Those are totally great things to have happen. I’m speaking directly to what we’re witnessing with Kim: completely LOSING one’s style in favor of her partner’s. How can I not be angry ? This woman who claims to be a stylist, designer, and buyer is so easily swayed by her man?! She trusts his opinion over her better judgment!?!?  And we know she has good judgment of what looks good on her! I’m upset that she hasn’t, after all these years, figured out who she is, but rather, has to appeal to whoever she’s dating/doing. And I’m upset that has meant she looks like a bloated sack of shit everywhere she goes when she’s NOT.

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Perhaps if Kanye  had better taste, this wouldn’t be an ish. But he has TERRIBLE taste. I know he appreciates couture. He’s a financier of it! I’m aware of that! But his taste is just awful. Whacky, forced, misunderstood, awful. Just look at Kim’s dress above from their New Year’s Eve party! The sleeves are too long, the mesh thick and unbecoming, and absolutely no structure to give her shape.  Her worst offending picks all have the same things in common:  skin exposed in unflattering ways, bad proportions, and bad fits.

kim kardashian ill-fitting cloths with kanye westIt’s almost as if Kanye intentionally dresses her in unflattering high-end garments to stake a claim. It’s as if he’s trying to make her unattractive so that no one else will date her; as if he’s insulting her beauty by recommending ill-fitting pieces for her. But of course, it’s Kim who is letting him. She’s making the choice to wear it. I can’t blame Kanye. Kim has to take the credit. But maybe she’s had a life of people making decisions for her? Maybe her decisions haven’t been hers? I don’t know her real psychological issues, but I can tell you that I do hope she can find her inner strength and let it shine in the form of better-fitting clothing (something I know is critical to how she perceives herself). Some people are saying Kim’s hurting Kanye’s career, but honestly, I think it’s the other way around.

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So here are a few lessons to take from Kim’s clothing changes that we can all learn from:

  • Have an honest relationship with your partner.
  • Don’t lose who you are (unless you’re a shitty person) for anyone.
  • Don’t let another person define you in a way that hurts you. You’re stronger than that.
  • Just because it’s a trend or pretty doesn’t mean you can wear it. I know. It sucks. I can’t wear drop waists. They’re awful on me. It makes me really sad. Half of Valentino Red’s collection is drop waist. I’m not going to wear drop waists just because they’re “in” because I don’t want to look dumpy and short and because you’re better off looking good and being on-trend than looking ridiculous and ahead of trend.

Or, maybe she just needs a good tailor?

I’m nervous to post this — I don’t intend for this to be mean to anyone (Ok, a little at Kanye, but I’m so Team Taylor). Just pointing out how clothes make the woman. Thoughts? Leave ’em below.


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