Ask Kimmy: Help Me Find A Jeweled Sash That Doesn’t Cost As Much As My Wedding Dress!

Name: Rachel

Age: 24

Budget: Up to or around $300

Hey Kimmy! I’m looking for a wedding gown sash/belt that is comparable to Chelsea Clinton’s Vera Wang one [seen left] except not a zillion dollars. My fear is that things look so cheap so quickly, to the point that I’d rather go no sash than anything. Any ideas?


A bridal sash can be that one key ingredient that puts the finishing touch on any wedding look. Though let’s face it, trying to find a Vera Wang look-a-like for a good price is almost as hard as trying to find a Vera Wang for a good price. But don’t worry Rachel, I’ve done some digging, and found some absolutely gorg sashes that can fit comfortably in almost anyone’s budget. Whether you’re planning on buying, borrowing, or DIY-ing, here are some fab options to choose from!

QUICK STYLE TIP: your height should be in proportion to the sash width. Chelsea is tall . If you’re under 5’4″, you can’t pull off as wide of a belt as she has without making yourself look shorter.

madeline-lace-jewleled-wedding-sashIf you would consider the option for something you’ll most likely only use once in your life, Happily Ever Borrowed is for you! As the name suggests, deals in rentals, rather than purchases. There aren’t too many options to choose from, but this beautiful (and subtle) sash is perfect to put the cherry on top of your look! From $110, this sash is made of satin ribbon, layered over with french lace, and beaded with rhinestones and sequins. On their website, just select your rental start date and rental time, and you’re ready to go!


Next, we’ve got this pretty sash from Tessa Kim. Right under budget at $295, this vintage-style belt mimics an intricate leaf-like pattern: a little different from the Chelsea Clinton look, but nonetheless gorgeous! It’s beaded with pearls, rhinestones, bugle beads and attached to a satin ribbon.

etsy-jeweled-wedding-belt-sashIf you’re looking for something a little more… homemade, this belt from Etsy is a great pick! This seller from San Fran makes all of her own lovely pieces, and for reasonable prices. This wedding sash is the most similar to Chelsea’s, we think, because of its round appliqués. At only $179, this sash comes in 39 other colors. Could this be any more amazing?!


Last but not least, this gorgeous handmade sash from is a perfect pick, and quite a steal at $250. The leaves on the sash are made of intricate metal beads and lined with shimmery glass crystals. It’s not as big on the sparkle as Chelsea’s sash is, but it’s perfect for those gals who wanna go with something a little less flashy.

Do you have any more questions for me? Or any tips you can provide Rachel? Leave them in the comments below!





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