My 5 Favorite Red Lipsticks (And How To Apply Them) #Smooches

I’ll admit it: I started wearing red lipstick in college, just as I first started getting acne. I noticed that drawing attention to my big lips help detract the eye from unsightly red spots on other parts of my face. Now, thankfully acne free, it’s become a staple. I just love it. But I am also very particular. Since people are always asking me which are my faves, I figured I’d post them!

I switch between these 5 lippies as I see fit, but there is one thing ALL of them have in common and it’s the secret any of them even stay on: Make Up For Ever‘s Aqua Waterproof Lip Liner in True Red.  A careful lining and fill of the lips with this and all you have to do is a swipe of lipstick on the inner part of your mouth ever hour or two.

Now, on to the lippy’s:

Jane Iredale‘s PureMoist LipColours (really, they might as well be lip balm, they’re so yummy feeling) in Kate.







Lipstick Queen Sinner’s Opaque 90% Pigment in Wine







Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipstick in 121 Red







 Manic Panic Lip Locked Vampire Kiss Red Lipstick  (Don’t laugh, it gets me the most compliments!)







Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Scarlet Rouge






And a few more application tips (I’m not a makeup artist, this is just what works on me!):

  • Stains as a base do not work.
  • Apply lip balm about an hour before, then slough off your lips with your toothbrush.
  • Brush your teeth before applying, so your teeth appear whiter.
  • Watch for shades that are too blue or too orange for you. You’ll be able to tell if you take a photo of yourself at a makeup counter. (Yay smart phones!)
  • Discreetly lick your teeth often if you are prone to lipstick on your teeth.
  • Apply one layer of the lipstick, blot, then apply another layer.

Do you have any tips to share? Favorites I should try?  Tell me below! Smooches!