Link Love: Best of Fashion Week and Fashion Friends!

Ralph Lauren

Tanner features some of his favorite Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 accessories picks. Obsessed.

My friend Jeannie Mai from Style Network’s How Do I Look? is sharing some of her favorite makeup and beauty tricks with my friends over at!

The has some of my favorite street style photos from Fashion Week. Do you spy with your little eye a certain somebody in there?

Obsessed with the backstage photos from Proenza Schuler. The details and composition is just art on art on art. SO good.

Shit Fashion Girls Say At Fashion Week! #nextlev ThePlatform

Betsey Johnson’s stenciled wigs ¬†from her Fall 2012 show are amazing. When will Sephora sell us stenciling and colored spray kits?¬†Beauty Blogging Junkie

Marc Jacobs collection was a beautiful stretch of the imagination. So bold and different. So unexpected! But is it too Liz Lemon? LOLing over‘s comparison.

Everything you need to know about Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 Collection from

Fashion Week from a different perspective.