Link Love: Should You Makeup or Not?

It seems like there’s a massive movement of women out there who are eschewing makeup and favoring the bare face that God (or who/whatever) gave them. Personally, I love makeup, but like everything, moderation is key. But I thought I’d look around at my friends blogs and find out how they’re feeling about makeup and beauty in general. But as importantly, how are you feeling about makeup these days?

Alexis Wolfer started Makeup Free Mondays as a major plea to give your skin a break. Will you participate? []

Grace Gold’s Op-ed on Hilary Clinton’s makeupless face (and what it means for the rest of us). []

On the flip side, Twitter freaked out when Lark Voorhies, aka Lisa Turtle, showed up for a “where are they now segment” on The Yo Show in makeup that was so so so so wrong, going without would have been a billion times better. [TheYoShow]

Anna Lynne McCord and Beyonce both tweeted out makeupless faces! But more striking? Zooey Deschanel looks completely different but still totally gorgeous in People Magazine []

Jezebel posted an amazing video that let’s us see that we’ve been trying to change our appearance since before Mirrors were invented. []

Don’t forget to tell me how you feel about makeup in the comments below!