New Shoes! Could There Be Anything More Exciting?! Oh Yeah, Maybe My New Show?

BREAKING! I got new shoes!!!

OK, fine, I know this isn’t like super dupes incredibly important news, especially after I just launched my first ever fashion news show on YouTube (!!!), BUT, after trying to snag the Miu Miu calf hair and glitter pump at three different locations on my first day in NYC, I soooo needed new fabulous shoes!

Gatsby mary Jane, Snake Skin platform heels from TopShop


So I decided to go to Topshop, a one-stop-shop for trendy, comfortable, unique shoes that always impress and are never ever ever expensive (like Miu Miu). While there were a few pair I loved, I really needed to add to my black collection, and snagged these adorable faux snakeskin Mary Jane’s. You can get them online, too! Instant happiness! Lingering (and lasting) happiness!

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I debuted them on my first ever “The Fashion Statement,” my weekly fashion news program that just launched! That’s right, I have a new show on YouTube that aired yesterday! Will you Check the video out if you have a sec?

To further celebrate my excitement over new shoes, let’s listen to Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes!” Doesn’t it just make you want to dance?

New shoes! New Show!  Let me know what you think of BOTH!