9 Necessary Rules For Dressing Your Bridesmaids

There are all sorts of stressful decisions that come with being a bride! One of them is picking that oh-so-important detail of who, if anyone, will be  by your side as you get hitched. The other is what those people are going to WEAR! I have 9 important rules to help you make that decision making process a whole lot easier!

bridesmaids and balloons

1. Stop worrying about your girls looking better than you. That’s so ridiculous. Your girls are your girls! Your best buds! Your loving ladies! They absolutely  SHOULD look sexy, beautiful, romantic, and comfortable and happy (those last two cannot exist without each other).

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2. Look for the silhouette that compliments the bridesmaid. The safest for all bodies are a-line halters or a-line sweetheart strapless.  But if, for instance, one of your bridesmaids is breast feeding, she’ll HATE being in strapless.  Ask your ladies what they’d like and actually follow through on this.

3. Fabrics are so key. They can add 10lbs, or slim a girl down. They can make her have awful sweat stains or conceal every flaw. Please don’t scrimp on fabric on a wedding day.

DO ✔                                                             DON’T ✗

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4. If bridesmaids are matching, please specify a length of the dress so the uniformity is actually pulled off in photos.

DO ✔                                                                                                DON’T ✗

bridesmaids bridemaids-matching-dresses-don'ts

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5. Have an honest convo about price. How much are they willing to contribute? If what they have in mind is at a different cost, figure out how to work with individual budgets. Pitch in a few bucks, maybe? Some girls may not be as willing to pay over a said amount…

6. Make sure it’s a dress your girls can wear again. You don’t want your besties to be stuck with a one hit wonder, right?! Especially if they’re the ones paying.

7. Tame the tata’s! Unless you’re okay with one of your girls being labeled “the slutty one”, make sure that they’re appropriately displayed. Watch for bra lines, marks, etc.

P.S. – don’t forget Spanx (if needed). Remember: undergarments are just as important as the dress!

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8. Transcend the “trend.” Look for something that will stand the test of time – and try not to get caught up in the latest patterns and prints. If you’re unsure of what you want, take a hint from way back when. You can’t go wrong with a classic sixties-style cuts or 70s sheaths!

9. Treat your girls (and guys?) as individuals. You don’t have to dress them differently if you don’t want to, but you absolutely need to have a conversation with them about their needs and maybe their wants, if you can swing it.

The bridesmaid craze continues! Keep your eyes out for next week’s Wednesday post: The 10 Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Kind of Wedding. 

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