Favorite Recipe: Super Skinny Kale, Quinoa and Avocado Salad

I don’t usually post recipes but I love cooking, particularly healthy, vegetarian dishes. And this vegan (optional) salad is no joke. I first stumbled upon this dressing and a version of this delicious, almost addictive salad at a friend’s house and have since doctored it up a little to get some insane health benefits out of it. healthy kale and quinoa and avocado salad

I swear, you can eat two lbs. of this stuff and not get fat! In fact, my husband and I ate the very salad three days a week for a month before our wedding we shed all the poundage we needed without adding tons of workouts. But regardless of weight, I’m obsessed with this salad. Hope you are, too!!


For the salad:
Organic Kale, shredded without the stalk  (I wash it under hot water and massage it to make sure that the nutrients and vitamins are released)
Cooked, cooled quinoa (super high fiber and protein, I flavor it with sea salt)
Sliced, unsalted almonds (heart and bone healthy, happy fat)
Sprouted sunflower seeds (said to ward off cellulite!)
Cubed avocado (one small one for each person. Yes, a whole avocado. Do it)

Optional add-ins: parmesan cheese (I don’t think it really adds that much? But it’s good!), broccoli sprouts (extra crunch, fullness, vitamin C and iron galore, low calorie filler)

For the Dressing:
EVOO (I like organic? But whatever.) – 2 tablespoons per serving
Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 teaspoon per person
Lemon juice – 1/2 lemon squeezed per person
Diced shallots – 1 tablespoon per person
Pinch of organic Turbinado brown sugar
Pinch of high mineral Salt (like pink himalayan)

Mix all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake to emulsify. I like it really emulsified so I typically shake it for a minute and a half. Pour over your salad mixture, sprinkle on black pepper (I’m a fan and love it with kale!) toss, and enjoy.

Note: the kale shrinks down,  I think especially because it’s shredded and also because it’s a high-acid dressing so you might want to add some more kale!


TRY IT! And, leave me your comments below.




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