Where’s the Fuss? Taylor Swift Rocks Rodarte and No One is Talking?

Maybe it’s because I know what her stylist had to do to get her undergarments just perfect on the nude Rodarte dress Taylor Swift wore to the designers’ show last week, but I can’t believe there wasn’t a bigger fuss in the fashion industry over the pairing of the country princess with rebellious coutouriers from unlikely Pasadena (my hometown, btdubs!), CA.

Taylor Swift in Rodarte at NYFW

Taylor looked lovely in the crochet and lace dress. If anything, she countrified it, almost as though it belongs on a swing bench on a porch in Alabama on a humid summer’s night in 1942.  But that’s a good thing.

The Goss: Anna Wintour specifically ASKED for Taylor to come sit with her front row at the show. Vogue cover girl soon? I think so!

The moral of this story: Let’s make a fuss. Taylor is foraging into really, really unsafe territory (bless her), and even if it is because of Anna Wintour’s provocation, I’m very, very happy about it.