A Theory on When To Buy Expensive or Cheap Jewelry (And How Charlotte Lu’s Rose Gold Diamond Star Necklace Fits In It)

When it comes to jewelry, it can be hard to decipher the right piece to splurge on and what to buy on the cheap. As a general rule (which obvi, is made to be broken), I think it’s safe to say that if it seems like a trend, then maybe you shouldn’t spend a fortune…if, dare I say, buy it at all?). Some trends can’t be replicated at Forever 21 like Tiffany’s uber-popular dogtag or key necklaces! They’re gorg! But if there’s anything worse than being caught with the same necklace as three other women in the room, it’s if you’re wearing the cheap knock off of the necklace! Right? I know!

So here’s my point: if “everyone has one” maybe you should have something different. You are unique so you should totally wear something unique!  Even if you want what everyone has, I’m pretty sure there’s something else out there that you’ll love just as much that is way more you than something everyone thinks is them! But let’s say the trend is something generic like “statement necklaces” or bling rings — in that scenario, I say go for the cheap or DIY it!

Another rule/theory to ponder: we must ask ourselves if the trend is precious or not. Meaning, we must determine if the trendy piece is made out materials that lose their value (plastic, enamel, etc.) or retain their value (diamonds, metals, etc.).

The answers to these questions combined should point you in the right direction. So when to splurge? When you know you’ll wear it (and protect it!!!) forever. I know it’s so lame to repeat an advertising slogan, but diamonds really are forever. And you know what else is? Gold, silver and platinum. Last time I checked the stock market, the price of gold and silver are at an all time high. And unlike many other things in life that are expensive (e.g. cars, designer clothes, Giuseppe Zanotti’s) they will not lose its value. I repeat. GOld, silver, diamonds will not lose its value. Even if it’s ugly and outdated and out of style, it will still be worth something for its materials.

This all came about as I was sighing over Charlotte Lu’s rose gold star necklace I stumbled upon while researching the designer for an article I was writing for ThePleat.com. I oohed and ahhed and a voice in my head said I’d never be able to snag the amazing pieces. But then logic took over and I realized that while $295 sounds like a lot of money for a small necklace, it not only is NOT for diamonds and metals, but it’s also a far better investment than clothes, shoes, etc.

I can justify anything for anyone for any reason whatsoever (shopping wise, I’m not talking murder here), but on this, I feel like I’m actually being sensible…