Tips: How to Take Care of (And Wash) Your Denim

Indigo, the dye used on denim, has a tendency to not stick to the cotton fabric and wash out – that’s why we get to have so many shades! The more you wash them, the more they will fade over time. The more indigo or darker the denim, the more prone to fading! But that doesn’t mean you don’t wash them – EVER!

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As you may have seen on the Bros on Clothes eppie featuring Dan Levy, I practically enter shock upon learning that Dan never washes his jeans. I was all the more disturbed to find many commenters who also do not wash their denim. Guys, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can ensure good hygiene and style by considering a few of these tips:

  • Dry clean them! This might add up but it’s way cleaner than not cleaning them. Don’t do it every time you wear them, but maybe every 4-5 times? Same goes for washing.
  • When you dry clean, ask your cleaners for low heat.
  • Wash jeans inside out so the dye doesn’t rub against the metal of the machine.
  • Wash only denim together (don’t put in towels or other dye-sopping cottons).
  • Wash on the delicate cycle to limit agitation.

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  • Use detergent specifically for darker colors. They work. Promise.
  • Baby wipes can get rid of stains in lieu of spot treatment or a full on wash if you’re still breaking them in.
  • Hang to dry. Then, when just short of dry, put them in an air-fluff cycle for 10 minutes with fabric softener (unless you want to maintain a hardened texture).
  • I’ve heard, but have never tried, adding salt to the water of your washing machine can help stabilize the indigo! Have you tried it?
  • At the very least, put your jeans in the freezer. Any bacteria growth from food spillage or human body ickiness will certainly be frozen to death.

Honestly, I think the way you wear into denim is so personal and so important. If you buy a pair of dark denim jeans and hope they’ll stay that dark, I’m sorry, but you’ll just be disappointed! The nature of the jeans beast is that it will fade, stretch and hang differently over the  months and years you wear them – and that makes jeans all the better. And yes, you’ll probably need to buy a pair of dark denim jeans more often than a lighter shade, but that’s not an awful thing!

Do you have any tips to add? Or are you still not going to wash your jeans???

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