Tried & True: Koh Gen Do Foundation

I’ve been in a fight with my skin since I was 20. But miraculous products make their way into my life and you’d never ever know that we’ve been battling it out (hardcore). One of the most recent brands to find me is Koh Gen Do. The products I’ve used are gentle, do NOT give me more problems, feel really, really, luxuriously wonderful, and look as great in person as they do on camera. My skin, from makeup, has improved. But considering how this incredible prod came about, you can see why.

Most makeup is made out of vanity, naturally, but not all prods are made with “natural” in mind. Koh Gen Do was founded by a few Japanese actresses, who, like me, couldn’t stand what HD did to their skin and foundations, and couldn’t stand what HD foundations did to their skin. Fortified with a slew of ingredients like Squalane, Aloe Vegetable collagen, and Jojoba oil, the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi High Definition Moisture Foundationdoesn’t have artificial colors, fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil or parabens. The foundation has an excellent slip for application, and most importantly is layerable depending on how much coverage you need. It doesn’t dry too quickly, but it does stay on (for 10 hours, under hot lights!). Vanity is the mother of this invention…

So while I’ve had an amazing time using the prods (also love the moisturizing Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk and the Soft Gommage Gelto gently peel off dead skin), I started asking makeup pro’s while on different sets to ask what they thought of the prods. All of them had the same reaction: raised eyebrows, glow to the face, nod of the head in agreement, and “yes, it’s one of the best.” But all of them also agree that unless their client brings the product to them, it’s too expensive for them to use all the time. They do reserve tubes for their VIPs (like Jennifer Aniston, apparently). That knowledge only confirms my experience.

At $62 a tube, I get it, but mine has lasted me three months (going on four). And considering how much healthier and happier my skin looks and feels, especially after sweating it out on camera, I’m HOOKED.

The only downside? Neither the foundation nor the moisturizer have an SPF, but they do make an SPF powder and a color correcting base. Of course, I have both.


P.S. While these prods, and a few from Sunday Riley, have converted my skin into porcelain perfection, I also believe it’s helped to follow the sage advice of my friend, Grace Gold. Read her article on and let me know what you think about her “surprising” acne cure.