What to Wear: 4 Fashion Resolutions For 2014

Happy new year, glamourbabies. Who doesn’t love the fresh start of a new year? If you’re thinking of making any resolutions, I would like to kindly request that you consider stopping or starting the following to make sure your 2014 is as fashionably fabulous as possible!

kate hudson demonstrates how to wear leggings as pants1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. They cannot and should not be worn without your bum and girly parts properly covered. Long tees, tunics, and layerable tanks are a great way to keep a skinny look properly pulled off. Kate Hudson shows us the very shortest your layers should go to pull off a leggings-only look.

katie holmes demonstrates one of kimmy erin's new years resolutions2. Burn the baggy bootcut jeans. Seriously. And bad back pocket detailing too, while you’re at it. If your jeans still have heavy embroidery or rhinestones on the back pocket, then you’re about 14 years behind and no, they aren’t coming back for a really really long time. Even Britney isn’t wearing them anymore.

Ashley+Tisdale+Tops+Crewneck+Sweater+_3. Donate or sell anything ill-fitting. There is absolutely no reason clothing should sit your closet if it doesn’t fit well. If you absolutely must hold on to it (e.g. maternity clothes, super nostalgic, your weight fluctuates) please place them in an airtight bin on the top shelf of your closet, under your bed or in the garage and clear up the hanging space. When clothes are out of sight, they are out of mind, and with the ones that don’t fit, that’s a good thing! Make room to prioritize the items you do wear and you’ll find yourself putting together stronger outfits. Ashley Tisdale, left, is swamped in her oversized sweater – two sizes down and a switch to a skinny pant would better suit her and still nail the oversized look.

Gwen+Stefani+Jeans+Skinny+Jeans4. On a tight budget? Eschew color. I never regret buying anything in black, ivory, white, or grey. Color (and print for that matter), by its nature, is trendy, meaning it doesn’t have longevity. If you have limited funds to spend, opt for the subtle palette and add in little (and cheap!) bits of color with silver, gold, hot pink, mint and leopard. Gwen Stefani is your perfect inspiration for this – even if you don’t see yourself wearing exactly what she is, you can see how she lives in black and white with pops of color or print (and how well it works).


What fashionable new year’s resolutions will you be making? Please leave any of your good tips in the comments below!


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